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Echoes from the Prairie has been included on the

Kansas Notable Books List for 2014!

Congratulations to all who contributed!


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From 2011 to 2013, Nicole Muchmore edited and produced two volumes of memoir anthology for the Great Plains Writer's Group. Together, they showcase short creative non-fiction works of 28 Kansas authors:

  • Tales recounting relationships between children and their parents

  • Accounts of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings

  • Narratives dealing with the natural world and coming of age

  • Memoirs of childhood and history of place

All of these stories—whether happy or sad—will impress the reader with their honesty, passion, and courage.  Comparisons among these works speak to context, expression, and both limitations and facilities of short memoir writing. These books have been highlighted in several news articles and have received highly complimentary reviews on Amazon:


An Echoing of the Deeply Personal Literary, Critical, and Lyrical Traditions (of writers like Thoreau, Montaigne, and Camus)--"Echoes of the Prairie" is a book that's very much a kind of echoing itself -- an echoing of the deeply personal literary, critical, and lyrical traditions of writers like Thoreau, Montaigne, and Albert Camus. The writings in this book are individual explorations that differently address universal themes: the radiance of the seasons, the folly of human conflict, and the lessons of tenderness and loss. Each essay speaks to the complex demands of place without romanticizing the complex costs at stake.


A delightful read!--“… If you are a people person and enjoy hearing and/or reading about the lives of others, you will enjoy this book. At times I was mesmerized, feeling like I was right in the middle of the story as it was taking place… Each writer has a unique style that comes across. The threads of their lives form this beautiful, interconnected tapestry. The beauty of memoir writing is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. Each story is credible in its own right. No one is going to challenge or fact-check the events of a particular event. That makes each story all the more endearing to read. This book is best absorbed if not read in one sitting. I preferred to take time my time, getting to know each author along the way.”

Echoes From The Prairie is a bright, engaging collection of non-fiction short stories in memoir form. A wonderful book to curl up with in your favorite chair for an afternoon read, and just as easy to pick up for one inspiring story when time is short. Stories are compiled by a group of writers from the Midwest with a wide diversity of life experiences which are at once entertaining and easy to relate to. I highly recommend this book to other readers.”


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